APRIL 27-28


The EXPO of the best employers is the biggest platform of Career City Fest. Approximately 2,000 square meters of the festival's 5,000 square meter area will be occupied by employers' booths.
The Expo area, or in other words, the career city, is divided into three districts:
Eastside, Westside, and City Center.
Over two days, visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the country's best employers, their corporate culture, vacancies, teams, products and services.
"Crowe & Asatryans" is an accounting company that has been operating in Yerevan and Gyumri for 10 years. Every workday starts with our shared motto: "Smart decisions, lasting value." It's more than a slogan; it's our commitment to excellence as we embark on each new day, paving the way for decades of success.
Being a prime example of a successful start-up, and beginning with a modest team of just 5 individuals, "Onex" currently boasts a workforce of about 200 employees. As a team, they prioritize values such as excellence, enthusiasm, flexibility, and cooperation.
The "Holiday Inn" hotel has been operating in Armenia for 3 years and employs approximately 140 staff members. Do the right thing, Aim higher, Celebrate differences, Show we care, and Work better together: these are the main values that form the company.
"Coffee Music" company is engaged in selling coffee, tea, smoothies and non-alcoholic cocktails, using only high-quality and market-leading products.
"Atenk" is one of the largest domestic production companies specializing in the production of high-quality meat products. The main values ​​of "Atenk" company are stability, development, unity and enthusiasm.

"Teleperformance Armenia" is an international customer service company that currently has 488 employees. Teleperformance stands for respect, professionalism, innovation, and commitment.
"Barsis" company operates in 29 stores across the country, with 19 in Yerevan and 10 in regions. "BARSIS" LLC owns popular brands like "NOR TUN", "KALDO", and "MARY". Mutual understanding, flexibility and diligence are the basis of the company's success.
"Viva-MTS" has been operating for 18 years now and has more than 1200 employees. In every sphere of operation, the Company adheres to the following core values: Innovation, Responsibility, Respect, Teamwork, and Loyalty.
"Acba" Bank has been conducting its operations for around 28 years, providing job for 1,800 employess. The main values of Acba Bank are social responsibility, integrity,
transparency, innovation, customer care.

"Evolution" provides a dynamic and creative work environment with a unique opportunity for people to enhance their skills. The company operates guided by our vision to become the leading supplier of online gaming solutions in the world.

"Unibank OJSC" was founded in 2001 as a closed joint-stock company. Today Unibank is represented by its headquarters and 52 branches. The most important values of the company are an attentive and honest attitude towards customers,
strong team and a result-oriented approach, public trust.
"Imagine Live" is one of the leading companies in the iGaming industry that offers cutting-edge solutions to its partners. The company has almost 650+ employees. The company pays particular attention to creating jobs for students, novice professionals, and people without work experience, by providing favourable working conditions and professional development opportunities.
The company has been operating for 20 years. There are around 70 employees. It operates in 8, soon 11, cities. The values of the company are justice towards the consumer, maintaining the high quality of products, and promotion of Armenian production.
"Yerevan Mall" is a shopping and entertainment center, that opened in 2014. It has 160 full-time employees. The core values of the company are innovation, commitment, honesty, employee excellence and teamwork.

"Coca-Cola" company has a strong heritage across Armenia and has been refreshing local consumers for over 25 years. The company produces sparkling and still drinks and water. The company has more than 350 employees and serves millions of consumers in all regions of Armenia.
"Armerartbank" CJSC was established in 1992. on July 24. 2008 On May 19, it was renamed "Ameriabank" CJSC.
The individual approach to each client, the high professional skill and experience gained by the forces of a united team, and innovation are the basis of our activity. The entire history of the bank also testifies to that.
Founded in 2019 in Armenia, "Magnus" is an HR and Recruiting agency aiming to support both businesses and talents in achieving their goals and reaching their full potential.
The bank has been operating for over 30 years and currently employs 800+ staff members. Additionally, it has 32 branches located in Yerevan and in the regions in the Republic of Armenia.
For about 10 years, "Brandon" has been providing branding, marketing and advertising services that help companies take a leading position in the market. We will help create competitive brands or develop existing ones. Being a leading company in the field, we assure you that we can offer effective solutions for your business.
Being on the market for 13 years, "Pepsi Armenia" offers its consumers not only soft drinks but is also the official importer of Lay's, Doritos and Chitos brands. We offer more than just work. we provide a career path with opportunities for growth and being part of a dynamic team.
Founded by "Media Style, LLC" in 2008, "" was later purchased by TERT AM, LLC. In 2019, it was incorporated into the company "Qaryak Media."
Since its inception, "" has been one of the news sites that developed the multimedia reporting genre in Armenia.
The "Inecobank" was founded on February 7, 1996 . Since then, the Bank has been providing unmatched convenience in Armenia by serving more than 520 000 customers. To introduce completely new banking services the Bank has developed and provided industry leading banking solutions in the Armenian market.
"Ayb" School was founded by the "Ayb Educational Foundation" established in 2006 by people who attribute their own achievements and success to the thorough education they received, and wish to create an excellent learning environment with consistent and meaningful investments.
"Coffee House" was founded in 2015. The team’s activities are founded upon profound human virtues: kindness, love and respect. They firmly believe that the goal itself should be ambitious and that financial prosperity and success will naturally follow.
"Eldorado" is one of the largest retailers of consumer electronics and household appliances in the world. The company's geography covers more than 400 cities and over 600 stores in different countries and cities around the globe.
"PowerFull" has been making waves in the Armenian market for the past three years. Our presence has expanded to seven cities in this short span of time, and now our team consists of 10 employees + some remote individuals.
"Evocabank" provides fast, simple, innovative services and stands out by active use of the latest information technologies. Our focus is on developing mobile services.
We work in a mobile-first format, taking into account the convenience of using it via app first when designing a new service.
The world is becoming digital, and we should be ready for that.
The "" platform has been an online meeting place for employers and professionals since 2001.
The "Idram" company has been operating since 2008 and currently has more than 200 employees. "Idram" extends its services throughout Armenia, covering all towns and villages.
"IDBank" brings a new banking culture, providing customers with the best experience in the financial system and initiating innovations without which it is impossible to imagine modern life.
Provide positive emotions with "2Sweet's" delicious donuts, croissants and coffee
Human-centricity, integrity, trust, professionalism and dynamism … These are the values that reflect the whole philosophy behind our activity. The values underlying the brand architecture, complete our image through the description of human characteristics.
"Ardy" Academy, founded by "Renderforest", is a groundbreaking educational initiative focused on training individuals and teams for key digital professions that are integral to the fourth industrial revolution in the Republic of Armenia.
"The Award Armenia Digital Awards 2024" celebrates trailblazers crafting exceptional digital experiences across Armenia.
"Becon" starting its mission with small-scale production, the company gradually became one of the leading manufacturers of meat products.
"JTI" company were formed in 1999. Since then, the company's international workforce has driven two decades of growth.
Today, the company have more than 46,000 employees driving the company's success all over the world.
"Ingo Armenia" company has been operating for 27 years, has more than 150 users and operates throughout the territory of Armenia.
"Flash" company is one of the leading fuel importers and service providers in Armenia. It has branches in Yerevan and all regions of Armenia. In December 2023, the company's first Express Shop store was opened.
"Madam" is a business women's association that has brought together purposeful, determined, progress-seeking women. Madam's goal is to prove the significant role of women in various sectors of the economy and to promote the importance of women as a driving force for business.
The "Mimo Bike" company has been in operation since 2018 and currently employs 18 people. Presently, it operates in Yerevan and Armavir Province. Soon, operations will expand to include two additional provinces: Shirak and Lori.
The "Armenian Red Cross" Society is the largest humanitarian organization operating in Armenia, with a history dating back 104 years. The HQ of the organization is located in Yerevan, but we carry activities throughout Armenia through regional and territorial branches. More than 100 employees and 3,000 volunteers are involved in the activities of the NGO.
The company has been operating for 8 years, it has 20+ employees. The company provides its services in Armenia and abroad
Since its inception in 2013, "Teach For Armenia" has rapidly expanded its reach to encompass all regions of Armenia. Today, the organization boasts a dedicated team of 40 employees, including 132 teacher-leaders and 342 alumni ambassadors, all committed to driving positive change in education.
SoftConstruct started in 2003, so it's been running for 21 years.The company has over 6,000 employees and works in 16 countries.

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